Why This Book

Creating wealth is a skill, and it can be learned. But schools rarely teach us how to make money and manage money. We learn it through trial and error and often pay the opportunity cost, which could be significant in terms of time, money and opportunities. While there are many money management books in the market, yet the majority of people are not financially literate since most of the stuff is biased, jargon-laden and, in some cases, filled with inappropriate advice. Money plays an important role in everybody’s life, and people deserve a simple, standard and practical guide on the money matters which can help them make the most of their financial resources. And that is the main purpose of Financial Vision: The Classic Way to Create Wealth.

The reason most people fail financially is not that they do not earn money but that they lose their sense of money. They do not know how to control and manage their money. Remember, controlling your money instead of letting your money control you give you a sense of empowerment and confidence, which is a prerequisite to create and preserve wealth. And that is the objective of the financial vision process.

Financial vision process persuades you to conduct yourself in a manner where you are certain about not regretting your financial decisions later in life. It is the process to exploit your financial resources optimally to achieve your financial objectives as well as to control how each financial decision you make influences other areas of your life. It is an organized and well-planned system of developing integrated strategies to convert your financial dreams into reality. A well-crafted financial vision in tandem with the sensible implementation strategies have the  potential to serve as an antidote to the present day financial culture that encourages people to spend more, save little, and invest on an ad-hoc basis.

The financial vision process is essentially a simplified and enriched version of personal financial planning that offers an easy-to-follow structure to protect yourself financially and begin your journey on the road to riches. It does not undermine the significance of the personal financial planning rather supplements it by extending the compass, rationalizing the process and placing due emphasis on individual’s lifetime interests. Simply put, it helps you to rightly understand your financial vision, have conviction in it and take steps to make your financial dreams a reality.


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